How A Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent Can Help You Invest

For most people getting into real estate investing, using a good agent is a good idea. An agent can help you find good deals on investment properties, bring critical negotiation skills to the table, provide assistance with contracts and other legal intricacies, and much more. Many investors just don realize how much an agent can … Continued

These 3 cities will pay you $10k or more to relocate!

Sarah McKinney: Did you know there are three cities wanting to pay you $10,000 or more to relocate? That’s right. Looking to create a more diverse workforce. There are three cities willing to fork over 10 grand, just so you will live in their town. First up is Tulsa, Oklahoma. Through a program called Tulsa…

How to Buy a Colorado Springs Home You Intend to Rent Out

Buying a home to rent out – that is, purchasing an investment property – is no small undertaking. Any number of things can go wrong to ultimately make you lose money. Still, though, real estate is typically a sound investment, especially when you consider that more people have become millionaires through real estate investing than … Continued

How To Gain Maximum Exposure When Selling Your House in Colorado Springs

Anyone will tell you that generating interest in your home listing is key to selling high and fast. To get everyone excited about your for-sale property, here’s how to gain maximum exposure when selling your house in Colorado Springs: KEEP IT SPARKLING Everybody knows that you clean before selling your house in Colorado Springs, but … Continued

5 Ways To Get Great Listing Photos of Your Colorado Springs House

Anyone taking a look at the active home listings will tell you that the photos can instantly make or break their interest in a particular property. In order to drive more potential buyers your way, here are 5 ways to get great listing photos of your Colorado Springs house: MAXIMIZE CURB APPEAL When an interested … Continued

How To Avoid Over Pricing Your Home in Colorado Springs

Selling your home takes a lot of time and energy to get everything ready for the market, and pricing your home competitively is part of the process. In order to make sure your home sells quickly for the right amount, we’re ready to show you how to avoid over pricing your home in Colorado Springs. … Continued